Adding a Smart Field to your Appeal Mailing output is easy to accomplish. While your editing your letters, follow these steps: 
  1. Under Letter content, Select recipient information to use to personalize your letter, click Edit beside Appeal mailing merge fields. User-added image
  2. This will open a window to edit the appeal mailing export definition. To find a Smart Field, in the left column, expand Constituent Marketing Information. then expand Constituent. User-added image
  3. Scroll down and highlight the Smart Fields Folder. The Smart Fields you have configured in your database will appear in the middle column. User-added image
  4. From the middle column, double click the Smart Field you need for your mailing, then drag Value to the Selected Fields box on the right. User-added image
  5. If you are adding multiple smart field values to your mailing, we also recommend editing the name of the field to make it easier for you to differentiate between the fields and prevent any appeal mailing errors. To do this, highlight Value in Selected Fields and click the pencil icon to rename the field. User-added image
  6. Click Save and Close and continue finishing your mailing. 
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