This issue can occur when the cross-referenced record from Raiser's Edge is deleted before all linked transactions in the RELO plugin have been processed. Changes should not be made in the Raiser's Edge (including merging or deleting records) that impact pending transactions in the Raiser's Edge Luminate Online integration. Recommended best practice to ensure data integrity is to process all transactions out of the plugin before making changes in Raiser's Edge. There is no option to re-link or bypass the error for transactions impacted by this issue.

To remediate transactions that return this error users may attempt the following workarounds:
1. Reject the transaction from the RELO plugin and manually re-create the record in Raiser's Edge. To prevent duplicate records syncing users should include Raiser's Edge gift attributes, especially the "Luminate Online Gift ID" which is the last 4-6 digits of the Transaction ID from the Luminate gift record.
2. Correct the cross referencing in Luminate. Reject the transactions from the RELO plugin and 'dirty' the records from Luminate to re-sync to RELO.

NOTE: When a record is deleted from Raiser's Edge the cross-referencing in Luminate is automatically removed. Transactions processed after this removal will need to be re-linked and manually corrected in Raiser's Edge until the cross-referencing is re-added with a valid Raiser's Edge record.