Unable to print Online Reenrollment form submissions based on grade level

You are under the export & print tab under form data. When selecting to print online reenrollment form submissions based on grade level, you may see all forms are printed for any grade level rather than only the form submissions for the selected grade level. We see the correct results returned when filtering by grade level for Online Application forms. 

Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue and its impact on the software. After careful consideration, we have determined that we will not be addressing this issue. As an alternative solution, we recommend printing forms using the additional available filter criteria such as form name, type, school year apply, status and date/date range. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Submit two ORE forms for two different students with two different current grade levels. (*note: current grade level must be a field on the form)
  2. Log in to backend of BBNC site.
  3. Select Site explorer > Forms > Data.
  4. Select the export & print tab.
  5. From the current grade level drop down, select a grade level from the drop down that applies to one of the submissions.
  6. Click Print.
  7. In the print popup, note that submissions for all grade levels are displayed despite the filter criteria selected.


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