At this time only students will appear in the nurses office and Alumni will not.

In order to access their medical information, they will need to be temporarily re-enrolled into the school:
  1. From the Persona Menu, click on Core
  2. Go to Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data
  3. Use the search bar to search for the Alumni/Past Student
  4. Click into their profile
  5. Scroll down to the System Information channel
  6. Click on Student Enrollment
  7. Click on the Re-Enroll button
  8. Select Re-Enroll into a New School Year
  9. Select the current school year and fill in the rest of the required information and save
The Alumni will now be a student again and you can access their medical information as normal. Once you have obtained the needed information, you will want to delete the extra enrollment row you added to return them to the  Alumni Role:
  1. Navigate back to Student Enrollment
  2. Click Edit next to the year you added
  3. Click the Delete button and confirm
  4. Click the Re-enroll Button
  5. Select Re-Enroll into the 20XX-20XX School Year that they originally graduated from
  6. Fill in the required info and click save
  7. Click the Withdraw button
  8. Choose to withdraw them from that year and mark off the alumni checkbox
  9. Mark this as effective immediately and click save