Error: Error exporting query data. Unexpected error -- when adding query to email list in Online Express

When saving an email list in Online Express an error is received.  Error exporting query data. Unexpected error.
Please work through the below steps until you have reached a solution
  1. In Online Express, navigate to Account>Integration Options>Email Mapping and confirm that each email type is populated with a valid entry
  2. Simplify your query criteria; use positive operators (equals, one of, contains) instead of negative operators (does not equal, not one of, does not contain)
  3. Check for any invalid characters in the email addresses on the constituent records in the query
If the issue persists, contact Support.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a query in The Raiser's Edge
2. Go to Online Express>Email Marketing>Manage Lists
3. Create new list
4. Enter a name for the list and click Add a query
5. Navigate to the query created in Step 1 and Open it
6. The query appears to load and shows email addresses
7. Click Save and Close and error is received

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