To Import Data from everydayhero into The Raiser's Edge:
  1. From the navigation bar in The Raiser's Edge, click Plug-ins > everydayhero Integration
  2. Click Import
  3. Click Download from everydayhero
  4. Select Yes to automatically download new data files from everydayhero, or Show Files to view each individual file that is available for download
  5. In the New files grid, select the files to download, and click Download.  The files will now show under Files ready to import
  6. Click Import next to the everydayhero data file you which to import
  7. The import process begins.  When it is complete, you with get a status page that includes details about the import
    • Note:  If there are exceptions, the page will also include the total number of exceptions and the exception file name
For more information about this process, please see The Raiser's Edge and everydayhero Integration Guide