To change the values in your Coding Sheet in batch, please take the following steps:

1. Within GIFTS Alta workspace, click 'Full search'
2. On the Search screen, click 'More filter options' in the lower right hand corner
3. On the More Filter Options screen, click 'Coding Sheet'
4. Check off the Coding Sheet that you wish to alter the value for > Click 'Done'
5. On the More Filter Options screen, click 'Done'
6. Back on the Search screen, click 'Search'
7. When your results appear, check off the top-most checkbox to select all records
8. At the top right, click Actions tab > Scroll through the options in the ribbon menu until you reach 'Batch Update > Click 'Batch Update'
9. On the Update screen, select Field to Update >
Select 'Replace a code' under Update Mode >
Select the first Code that exists on the records currently in the Code field >
Select the Code you wish to change this to on Replacement Code >
Click 'Update'
10. You will be prompted by the system to confirm the change as there is no Undo > Click 'OK' to confirm
11. The job will process > Once the bar is filled, the process completes