If you're using the Seating feature in Special Events, you can easily pull seating assignment information. For more information about configuring a seating layout and assigning seats in Altru, see our related resources here:  Option 1: Event Seating Summary Report
The Seating Summary Report provides you with a list of your registrants and their seating assignment. To run the report, 
  1. On the Event Record, on the left under Tasks, click View seating summary
  2. Check the options for which registrants you would like to include in the report and click View Report. 
  3. You will see the list of registrants with their seating assignments. Here is an example of how the report will look: 
    User-added image
Option 2: Use a Registrant Query 
If the Event Seating Summary Report does not meet your needs or you would like to include any additional information, we recommend using a registrant query to pull information about the registrant and their seating assignments. Here are some steps: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the source view of Registrants and click OK.
  4. The new ad-hoc query window will appear. First, you will need to find the registrants you need to include in your list.
    1. If you would only like to include registrants that are planning to attend the event (haven't cancelled or declined), from the middle column, drag Status to Include records where. Set this to be equal to Registered. 
    2. To find the registrants that will attend the specific event, from the left column, highlight Event. From the middle column, drag Event record to Include Records Where. 
      User-added image
  5. To see where the registrant is seated, in the left column, highlight the Registrants node at the very top. From the middle column, drag the fields you need to view to Results Fields to Display. We recommend: Seat Name, Seat Number, Seating Note, Section name, Section number, Table/row name, and Table/row number. 
  6. Optional: If you would like to see who the host of that registrant is, you can also drag Host name to Results fields to display. 
  7. Optional: If you would also like to see what option the registrant is registered under (for example, if they are part of a VIP Table or have purchased an Individual Ticket), in the left column, highlight Mapped Registrations. From the middle column, drag Registration Option to Results fields to display. Here is an example of what your query may look like: 
    User-added image
  8. Once you're satisfied with your query, you can save the query to access later. On the Set save options tab, name your query and click Save and close.