BBIS Confirmation page is not pulling in the HTML from an ADF part

The BBIS confirmation page is not correctly displayed after donating using an Advanced Donation Form.

Download and install the latest version and patch.

To support the fix for this issue, a code change will also need to be made to the Javascript used to interact with the API.  The parameter for the donationService.getDonationConfirmationHtml() method will need to be changed per the following: 

Prior form code snippet :
donationService.getDonationConfirmationHtml(donationId, function (data) {

Current form code snippet:
donationService.getDonationConfirmationHtml(data.Id, function (data) {


Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to an advanced donation form.
2. Populate with amount and designation.
3. Submit the donation from the secure payment page.
4. Note the confirmation page is not displayed and a 404 error is displayed in chrome console.


 Blackbaud Internet Solutions

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