To change coding sheet entries in batch, please follow the steps below:

1. From your Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online) dashboard, click 'Full search'
2. On the Full Search window, highlight the Record Type that you are looking to update > Click 'Add Filters' at the lower part of the window
3. On the Filter Options window, click the checkbox next to the Coding Sheet value you wish to change > Click 'OK'
4. Back on the Full Search window, scroll through the dropdown menu for the Coding Sheet value and select the existing value that you wish changed > Click 'Search'
5. When your results appear, check off the top-most checkbox to select all records [NOTE: Only 1000 records can be updated at once]
8. At the top right, click Actions tab > Scroll through the options in the ribbon menu until you reach 'Update Coding Sheet' > Click 'Update Coding Sheet'
9. On the Update screen, take the following actions
Select 'Replace a code' under Update Mode, then...
Select the Coding Sheet Category that you wish to update (e.g. Fund, Geographical Area Served), then...
Click 'Select a Code' next to Code and choose the existing code on the sheet > Click 'Done', then...
Click 'Select a Code' next to Replacement Code and choose the code you are changing the records to > Click 'Done'
10. Click 'Update' > You will receive a prompt stating your intent to change a code and that there is no undo for this process. Continue? > If you are sure, click 'Yes'
11. The job will process > Once completed, a log will appear to report any issues