This error indicates one of the hyperlinks within the template used for the mass email does not match the text it is linked to, but it can only appear when the actual text is a web address.

For example, in the following screenshot the text within the template is, while the URL the text is linked to is



This set up would cause an error since the web address in the template (the text) does not match the link attached to the text (

However, the most common cause of this error is when the Track It feature is enabled on a link, as this will cause the embedded link to differ from the web address in the text when the email is sent, even if they appear identical in eTapestry. Track It is a feature you can enable within the Insert Link window:
Track It

With Track It enabled, when the email is sent a change will be made to the embedded link so that it can be tracked, which then causes the email provider to issue the warning, since it recognizes that the web address in the text no longer matches the embedded link.

There are two ways to prevent this error from appearing in future emails sent:
  1. Since the error is only triggered when the text itself is a web address, the text can be modified so that it is just a descriptor of the website instead of the actual web address. For example, you can use 'Google' instead of '' for the text. When the text is not a web address, MailScanner does not check for this issue.
  2. You can disable the Track It feature so that the link is no longer tracked:
Don't Track It