The reason Internet Explorer crashes when opening a document appears to be related to a recently pushed Windows Update. These updates are not Blackbaud-related and are applied to Microsoft computers automatically in many cases.

Our current means of correcting this issue is to take the following steps:

1. Within Internet Explorer, click the gear-shaped icon to the top-right > From the menu that appears, click 'Manage Add-ons'
2. On the left is a menu > Under 'Add-on Types', click 'Toolbars and Extensions'
3. To the right is a list of add-ons > Scroll until you see the Add-on called 'SharePoint Open Documents Class' > Click 'SharePoint Open Documents Class'
4. Once highlighted, check the File Date below > If this date is for July 02, 2017 or after, disable the add-on by clicking 'Disable'
5. Follow the steps you normally would to check-out and edit a document in GIFTS Online
6. If the pop-up window does not throw an error, but also does not open the document, click the gear-shaped icon from step 1 once more > Click on 'File downloads' to access the checked-out document

Please bear in mind that we are still investigating this issue, however it would seem the behavior is tied to a recent Microsoft Windows Update.