Copying program events causes incorrect date spans

When copying multiple program events in Altru at the same time you may notice that the program events that were created have incorrect end dates. This may cause a larger date span for your program events than they should have. 
To resolve this issue you would need to either edit the program event start dates or add each program event individually.

Edit program event start and end times:
  1. Click Tickets > Program search
  2. Search for and select the program
  3. Click on the event list tab > click on the name of the program event
  4. Click edit event > adjust the date, start time, and end time

Steps to Duplicate

Create a scheduled program in Altru
  1. Click Tickets > Add a scheduled program
  2. Give the program a name and a price type > click save
  3. Click on the event list tab > click add
  4. Change the date to 7/14/2017 and add any location
  5. Change the times to be 8:30 PM and 1:00 AM > click save
Copy the Event
  1. On the event list tab click on the name of the program event you created
  2. Click Copy event
  3. Change the Occurs field to weekly > Mark Monday and Friday
  4. Change the from dates to 7/15/2017 and 4/30/2018
  5. Click save
Go back to the scheduled program's record and click on the event list tab. You may notice that the start date and end date fields are incorrect for some of the program events created


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