This occurs when Country is required in The Raiser's Edge, but is not required on the Profile Form in NetCommunity.

To process the current profile update
  • If the transaction in the plugin has a Country field visible, adjust the New Value, then process
  • If the transaction in the plugin does not have a Country field:
    1. In Raiser's Edge, navigate to Config>Fields
    2. Select Address on the left hand side
    3. Unmark Required for Country
    4. Navigate back to the plugin and process the Profile Update
    5. Repeat steps 1-3 to mark the Country field as Required
To prevent this from happening for future updates
  • Update the Country field on the Profile Form to be required
    1. Edit the Profile Form part
    2. Select the Preferred Address field section
    3. Mark Country as Required
    4. Repeat for any other address field sections, for Example Business
    5. Click Save