User Defined Field values not populating in columns on the Journal, Queries, or Reports

Transaction UDFs aren't populating into columns when creating a query or report. When creating a query on transaction UDFs the query is returning results, however the columns have no values in them. When you click on the transaction to view the details, the UDFs appear to have been applied to the transaction. The issue appears to only happen on existing payments when the user has added the option "Copy Pledge Defined Fields on Future Payments" after the first payment was made.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article with more information.

The  "Copy Pledge Defined Fields on Future Payments" should only add the UDF values to new payments going forward on the Pledge, if it's marked after the first payment has been made. Right now it's attempting to apply the values to existing payments but it's doing it in a way is preventing them from appearing in columns. You can perform the following steps to make the values save correctly.
  1. Open the transaction in question
  2. Ensure the UDFs are applied
  3. Click Save And
  4. After re-saving, the values should appear in columns



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