Constituents listed in the wrong location when viewing the map from a constituent list

When looking at the Map view from a constituent List, RENXT shows map of the United States with the incorrect results.  Donors are listed as showing in Kansas, but none of the constituents have addresses. The locations for other constituent are correctly showing the corresponding locations in the map.
All constituent records have Primary Address records (even if they are blank) with a default country.  If the database is set to a US database, the default country will be the United States. 

Since no other part of the address record matches, RE: NXT mapping matches the record based on the country field and is plotted in Kansas.  This will also be true if a Primary Address record has only a City/State filled in, or an invalid street address with a City and State, as the plot point will appear in the middle of the city. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to RENXT and go to Lists> Constituent List
2. Create a new constituent list 
3. Switch to the Map view on the right
4. Zoom out to view all of the US
5. In Kansas, note there is a section with donors listed but they do not have any address with Kansas. They have blank addresses when viewing the constituents in both NXT web view and database view. 


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