To determine whether there was some sort of sync error that prevented your constituent or the constituent's gift from syncing, you can follow these basic troubleshooting steps:
  1. Select Constituent 360 > Constituents > Search for the individual who is either missing or has a missing transaction.
  2. Click to view their Constituent record > Click to view their Transactions tab.
  3. Find the URL (webpage address) in your web browser, then find the part that looks like this: consID=12345678. Record, or copy the constituent ID. Next, if there is a transaction missing, you can also record the transaction ID for the missing gift. The transaction ID can be found in the confirmation code for the missing gift. The last string of numbers in the confirmation code is the transaction ID. It will look similar to this: 2652-1262-1-1338-XXXX. The final string of XXXXs in the example represents where you would find the transaction ID for a given donation. The constituent's transactions will be listed on the lower portion of the transaction tab page, and there will be a confirmation code for each.
  4. Select Data Management > Luminate Management.
  5. Search for the Constituent ID in the search box on the Luminate Management Queue Problem Management screen. This is the screen where any errors are shown for data syncing between LO and RE/LCRM. If there are any errors, either remedy the issue or contact support.
  6. Search the Transaction ID in Queue Problem Management as well, this is the other ID that may have errors preventing a gift from syncing.
Note: Errors must be resolved before clicking to "rebuild" the error. Some errors are due to temporary connectivity issues and will resolve by simply clicking to rebuild; this is due to the fact that connectivity has been restored so the error which prevented data from syncing is actually already resolved. Other errors require some sort of action; such as setting up a cross reference, or reactivating a removed record. If ever unsure it is ok to contact support prior to clicking "rebuild." Or, if you click to rebuild and the errors return contact support. If you do choose to rebuild prior to contacting support, please make a note of the error message/details, or take a screenshot of the error message/details.

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