To determine whether there was some sort of sync error that prevented your constituent or the constituent's gift from syncing, you can follow these steps to copy the record IDs so you can search for errors in Queue Problem Management.

Locate the Constituent ID
  1. Select Constituent 360 > Constituents
  2. Search for the individual who is either missing or has a missing transaction
  3. Click View
  4. Record the number beside the Constituent ID
Locate the Transaction ID
  1. Select the Transactions tab
  2. The transaction ID can be found in the confirmation code for the missing gift. The last string of numbers in the confirmation code is the transaction ID. It will look similar to this: 2652-1262-1-1338-XXXX. The final string of XXXXs in the example represents where you would find the transaction ID for a given donation.
Search for errors in QPM
  1. Select Data Management > Luminate Management
  2. Search for the Constituent ID or Transaction ID in the search box on the Luminate Management Queue Problem Management screen
  3. Any errors associated with the IDs that you search will be displayed
  4. Use the details in the QPM error to search for solutions in Knowledgebase
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