Ending check number MICR delimeter is not displayed when selecting to print a test alignment check to the Citrix Universal Printer from The Financial Edge

Only when printing a test alignment check from the Hosting environment to the Citrix Universal Printer from The Financial Edge does the ending check number MICR delimeter not display when using blank check stock.
This is a known issue which we are unable to fix due to how printing works in the hosted environment. 

Alternative steps: 
1. When selecting the printer, select the Microsoft Document Image writer
2. Proceed with printing the test alignment check and when prompted to, save the file.
3. Print from the saved file

Note: MICR lines will not print on the Bullzip PDF writer.


Steps to Duplicate

Steps to Duplicate:
1. Login to The Financial Edge
2. In Accounts Payable >  Banks > Select the Bank
3. Click > Print checks and record bank drafts > for "Printer Options" select Citrix Universal printer for both
4. Select 1 invoice to pay on the invoices tab
5. Format tab > Choose format of 6x Double stub laster (blank paper)
6. On the left, highlight the MICR line to view - note the Auxilary On-Us field does have both a beginning character and an ending character around the check number
7. Click back on Computer checks to view that area again > Click "Print Test Alignment Check"
8. Notice the ending character specifically for the check number is missing


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