This happens because fields are missing from the form in blueprint that the request populates into. Follow these steps to add fields to the form.

First you have to find the fields in the application form that are not showing up in the request in Gifts. 
Click Launch > Applications > Forms Manager
In Forms manager select the form that has fields not showing in Gifts > Click Save copy
Go to inactive forms and open the copy you just made.
Look for the fields that are missing in Gifts, take note of the field Label in the right colum

Back in Gifts go to Blueprint by Admin > Blueprint > Forms Library
Select the form used by the application > Double click to open
In the right column search for the field you wish to add by the field Label. 
Drag the field onto a box with a + in the form. 
Move the field to where you would like it by dragging it to the box associated with the line you want it on. To put the field in its own line drag it to the bottom of the field you want it below and a yellow line appears to indicate where it will go.