Export and other features missing in Adobe Acrobat Reader in Blackbaud Hosting

When I preview or export a report from a hosted Blackbaud application, a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader opens that looks different from my locally installed one. Where is the Export and other features? Can those be added?
Export and other features of Adobe Acrobat Reader in Blackbaud Hosting are disabled for security reasons. The export and convert functions also already duplicate what is available within many hosted Blackbaud applications.

To save a file previewed Adobe Acrobat Reader in Blackbaud Hosting:
  1. Go to File > Save As OR press CTRL and Shift and S
  2. The Save As screen will appear to specify a file name and the save location.
To export a report in PDF to your computer, please refer to How to save PDF files directly from the application in the Blackbaud Hosting Services environment to a local workstation or shared network drive.

If you are using Blackbaud browser-based products, like Raiser's Edge NXT Web View, Financial Edge NXT Web View, and eTapestry, then this does not apply. The product in the browser will use your locally installed Adobe Acrobat Reader product or other PDF reader application as setup on your workstation/device.

Steps to Duplicate

The Adobe Acrobat Reader in Blackbaud Hosting is available from hosted applications (not browser based products like NXT Web Views and eTapestry). Here is one way the reader would open in Blackbaud Hosting from the The Raiser's Edge:
  1. Open any report
  2. Preview the report
  3. In the report preview, click Export Report
  4. Set format to Acrobat format and destination to Application
  5. Follow prompts to run the preview
  6. When prompted to open, click Yes
  7. The report preview opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader


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