Create the Email Template - this link has the generic steps, the steps below are specific to Registered Users:
  1. Navigate to Email>Templates
  2. Click New Template
  3. Enter all required fields, and for Data Source, choose Registered Users
  4. Click Save
  5. Design your template as desired.
    1. Required Links: Email Privacy Page and Email Preferences Page
    2. (Optional, but recommended) Include the steps for the user to reset their password, including a link to a Special Page: the Password Reset Page
    3. (Optional, but recommended) Include the Username Merge Field: while editing the template, click Insert>Merge Field>Add Username
  6. Click Save
Create the email message
  1. From step 6 above, click New message
  2. Fill out required fields
  3. Click the Binoculars for Recipient lists
  4. Select your newly imported Registered Users List and click Add
  5. Click OK
  6. Add any other desired info, then click Save
Send Message
  1. When you’re ready to send the message, you can from Email>Messages
  2. Click the Pencil icon to edit the message
  3. Click Send Final
  4. Click Yes