How do I mark individual emails to not be used in Online Express

Online Express tracks unsubscribes and bounced emails itself however the constituent receiving the email must Unsubscribe or the email must bounce for this to be tracked.
See How do bounced emails and opt outs in Online Express show up in Raiser's Edge? for more information on the above
This provides steps to track which emails should not be used in Online Express for clients who have a list of emails which should not receive Online Express mail.
Create a new phone type to designate e-mails as Non Online Express
  1. Open The Raiser's Edge
  2. Click on Config
  3. Click on Tables
  4. Select Phone Types
  5. Click New Table Entry
  6. Type "Non OLX" into description*
  7. Select "Email Address" from Phone Number Type
  8. Unmark Inactive checkbox
  9. Click OK
*Note: Any description value can be used, however this article assumes that "Non OLX" is being used. You are responsible for correcting this during later steps in the article should you choose to use a different description.

Change the email type for the emails that should not be used be Online Express
  1. Open the desired constituent record
  2. Click on Email Addresses
  3. Click on the Type box next to an email address
  4. Click the arrow that appears
  5. Select "Non OLX" from the menu
  6. Repeat these steps for all desired email on this record
  7. Click Save and Close
Configure Online Express to ignore this email type
  1. Click on Online Express
  2. Click on Account
  3. Click on Integration options
  4. Click on Email mapping
  5. Confirm that "Non OLX" is NOT selected on First email type, Second email type, or Third email type.
  6. Click OK.
Online Express is not configured to ignore the Non OLX email/phone number type. No emails will be sent to email addresses that have the type "Non OLX." If building an email list, be certain to exclude emails labeled Non OLX.

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