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Tips for sizing graphs for printing:
  • Press CTRL and + (zoom in) or CTRL and - (zoom out) to adjust magnification in browser. Zoom/magnification of the web page can also be adjusted in the browser's settings.
  • Check page orientation for printing (Portrait or Landscape).
  • Use Print Screen to copy/paste the screen to Word. Edit the image(s) in Word to print as desired.
  • Use a screen grab application, such as Jing or Snag It, to select the desired graphs to save as images to edit/print as desired.
  • Adjust the screen resolution or desktop size
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Printing an individual graph from the Web View:
  1. Locate the desired graph to print
  2. In the top middle of the graph, locate a downward pointing arrow and click on it
    graph download options
  3. Click on Download As... and select the desired format. Select either PDF or Image (PNG) to download the graph image.
    Panel download as options
  4. The PDF/Image (PNG) will generate and download to your computer/device from where it can be printed.