Constituent Codes are duplicated in Raiser's Edge after matching records in the Connect RE plugin

Users report that constituent codes are incorrectly added or duplicated in Raiser's Edge after processing updates from the Matching section of Connect RE. For example, some users report an Incoming Student/Parent Constituent Code applied to the Constituent record, even though the students have been enrolled for more than a year on their Core record.
Prior to Matching and syncing records in the integration, users should verify their constituent code settings configured in Connect RE settings are correct. The Connect RE integration will respect the constituent code settings based on the syncing record's role in Core. The integration looks for an exact match of the code, if it does not exist on the matched record the integration will add the code with a Date From per the Connect RE settings. If an existing Raiser's Edge record already has a constituent code that matches their role in Core and the settings in the integration, Connect RE will supress the duplicate and will not re-add the same constituent code table entry to the Raiser's Edge record after processing.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to ConnectRE
  3. Click Match Now
  4. Confirm the match of an existing student
  5. Click I'm done matching for now
  6. Check the RE record - Incoming Student constituent code shows

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