Ending Balance reported by General Ledger Report does not match the balance when using the Excel SUM function

An organization has run their General Ledger Report and exported it to Excel. When the SUM function is used to calculate the report's balance, a different number is returned than what has been provided by the system. It would appear that the Financial Edge system is not calculating the values correctly. 
The system is calculating the Account Ending balance correctly. However it is not displaying the transaction totals correctly for a transaction that has multiple lines of distribution to different projects. 
We are currently reviewing this issue and will update this article with additional information. In the interim, please chat in with Support and reference this case number and continue to run your General Ledger Report with the following Format options:
  1. Open up the General Ledger Report
  2. Select the Format tab
  3. Click Detail
  4. From the dropdown menu beside Report Format
    1. Select "Balance" 
    2. Or select "Debit/Credit" and unmark the box beside "Summarize Account Details by source transaction" 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to General Ledger > Reports > Account Reports > General Ledger 
  2. Click New
  3. On the Format tab, select Detail
  4.  Mark the box beside "Summarize account details by Source Transaction"
  5. From the dropdown menu beside Report Format select "Balance"
  6. Mark the box beside "Show distribution for these characteristics" and mark the box for "Project ID" 
  7. Click Preview
    • NOTICE that a transaction with multiple Project Distributions will not display the correct total amount. 

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