Error: Invalid Import File. Please retry. When Importing Scholarships

When selecting a csv file to use for importing scholarships, the error Invalid Import File occurs even though a valid csv file has been chosen.
1. Verify that the file is saved with a .csv extension
2. Create a new csv file and copy over the data to it from the original csv file to ascertain if the issue with the original file becoming corrupt. If the new csv file works with no error, then that indicates there is an issue with the original csv file.
3. Create a new folder on the computer and copy over the csv to that new folder and try the import again, many times there can be issues with permissions and\or other issues with the containing folder that can cause FIMS to view the csv file as non-valid.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Scholarships\File Maintenance\Scholarship Import
2. In the Import File field click the magnifying glass and choose the desired csv file.
3. Map the appropriate fields in the Scholarship Import window to match the csv file
4. Click Import
5. See the error occur.

This error can also occur if none of the fields are mapped in the window.



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