If IP addresses are not being sent to BBMS for online donations there are a couple different ways to resolve this depending on the type of donation page you use.

This is most common if your organization utilizes eTapestry's API to use a donation form that is not hosted by Blackbaud. In the past, the eTapestry API did not allow for the IP address to be saved and delivered to the processor. However, we’ve made some updates in the past couple years that allow the API to do that by adding a new method. If your organization utilizes eTapestry's API, your developers can make the appropriate updates documented here: https://www.blackbaudhq.com/files/etapestry/api3/methods/setIPAddress.html

If your organization doesn't use the eTap API and instead uses one of eTapestry's built-in solutions like DIY forms, custom eCommerce pages, Cart, or Personal Fundraiser and IP addresses are not appearing in BBMS please contact support and provide the article ID to reference your issue.