FACTS is a module that is used to reconcile your investment accounts, perhaps your checking accounts and your pools.  The balances in these accounts are affected by journal entries that are posted in the GL.  During the reconciliation, the earnings will allocate to the funds to further modify the balances.

For example, if the pool is based on the 12000 account, then any debit or credit you post that posts to the 12000 account will also create a transaction in the associated pool in the default investment account ( see the Pool tab for which account that is). Note that transactions with an FA journal key do not post to FACTS.

Therefore, if the transactions in FACTS need to be adjusted, you make the changes in the GL.  Typically you would adjust the gift or grant if that is the type of transaction with the problem.  If asset rebalancing or admin fees created the issue, then a more detailed analysis would be needed, but using the Entries from journal history on the GL > Journal Entry > Automatic Entries  tab to reverse the entries is a potential starting point.  Then the transactions can be created again with the correct transfer value used.

Things to remember:
  • The entries should reflect activity that takes place at the bank.  
  • An asset rebalancing that doesn't net to $0 should reflect a transfer that was made.  
  • Admin fees that don't net to $0 should also reflect a transfer.  
  • Activity that doesn't impact the current month should have the confirm dates changed so the activity moves into a future month for reconciliation.
  • The disbursement line should rarely have an account mapped and 99.9% of the time, the value on that line at the pool level should be $0.