This cannot be adjusted/changed within the plug-in.  The organization and individuals must be linked in order to download the gift.  See below for possible options to move the donation to the correct constituent type:
  • Link the donation to a random organization constituent and reject all profile updates, and adjust to the correct donor/individual in batch.  Once the donation is downloaded from OLX and the batch is open: 
    1. Find the batch row with the gift that needs to be switched
    2. In the Constituent Name column, click the binoculars to search for the correct individual 
    3. Double-click to select this individual and update the batch row
    4. Commit the batch 
  • Create a new organization or constituent for linking purposes, then adjust to the correct donor in batch and delete the new record:
    1. Repeat Steps 1-4 above
    2. In Records, search for the organization record that was created when downloading the transaction
    3. Delete the organization record (confirm there are no gifts on the Gift tab)
  • Manually enter the gift into batch or gift record and delete the transactions in the plugin

NOTE: If this is an Event Registration, the change must be made on the Participant record as well.  It will be added to the Event for the Organization record.