Those categories are static based on what area of Altru the revenue is coming from and cannot be changed. For example, you wouldn't be able to separate Admissions and scheduled programs. As far as the revenue itself, you can change the categories on the payments but the report will still reflect the same.

Each category reports on the following:

Admissions and Programs: The Admissions and Programs section of the report displays all daily admission and scheduled program revenue (including pre-registered programs)

Unearned Revenue: The Unearned Revenue section of the report displays group sales overpayments, prepayments, and refunds and the Overage Kept section displays information about the date and amount for when the overpayment was kept and moved to the overage account you have mapped. 

Event registration: The Event registration section displays all special event registration revenue, but does not include donations

Memberships: The memberships section displays all membership revenue for the time frame selected, excluding membership add-ons

Membership add-ons: The membership add-ons section displays all revenue related to membership add-ons

Donations: The Donations section displays all donation revenue for the time frame selected. This includes donations towards special event designations and any donations entered as membership payments for membership programs with contributed revenue

Merchandise: The merchandise section displays all revenue related to merchandise purchases

Taxes: The Taxes section displays all applicable taxes paid towards orders. This section will only show if you have include taxes checked.

Fees: The Fees section displays all applicable fees taken for programs

Group Sales(Previously Unearned) Report: The previously unearned report displays all overage kept and group sales information for completed group sales.

Revenue by Payment Method: The revenue by payment method portion displays a breakdown of all revenue displayed in the report by payment method. For example, it breaks out cash, check, credit card (and further breaks it down by credit card type) and any other methods you may have used for revenue. You will only see this section if you have Show payment method distribution checked