An Everydayhero (EDH) campaign will only appear in eTapestry after a donation has been made to that campaign in EDH, and that donation has been synched to eTapestry.

For example, if a new campaign is created in EDH but the first donation to that campaign isn't made until a week later, the campaign would not appear in eTapestry until after that first week had passed and the first donation was made.

If you are working with a DIY event registration form, there is an option that allows you to link an EDH campaign to the registration form. As outlined above, the campaign will not appear as an option on the DIY form until a donation has been submitted to the campaign in EDH and the donation has been synched to eTapestry. However, you can submit a small donation within EDH to the Campaign, and then manually import that transaction over to eTapestry, so that the campaign is made available.

Once you have submitted the small donation within EDH, you can follow these steps in eTapestry to synch the donation to the database:
  1. Click Management in the menu
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click the Import Now link
  4. Click Confirm

Once the import has been completed, within the DIY form the campaign will now be available so that you can link the form to the EDH campaign.