To set up your donation button:
  1. Go to Tickets
  2. Under Initial Set Up, click Configure daily sales page
  3. Under User-configured daily sales buttons, click Add and select Donation from the drop down. 
  4. In the Add a donation sales button screen, select the Designation you'd like to apply. Typically this is an operating or annual fund designation. If you'd like to set up a new designation, see your related solution here: I need to add a new designation
  5. Under Default Amount, enter a Default Amount. 
  6. Under Button display options, choose how you'd like to display your button. Here is an example: 
    Example of Round Up Donation Configuration
  7. Click Save
  8. Under User-configured daily sales buttons, click the Set button order icon if you'd like to re-order where the Donation button appears on your Sales page.

To use this button as a round up donation button, refer here.