GL Account lookup does not find account if fund codes are different in different years

When searching for accounts in General Ledger using the Fund ID the accounts for that fund will appear in the data grid, however if further defining by the account number the user will be taken to another set of accounts and not any pertaining to the fund that was being searched on, This only occurs for those funds where the fund codes are not the same across all existing years,  specifically the Fund class and Division.
At this time, this issue will not be addressed, however, an IdeaPortal suggestion can be filed for possible inclusion in a future version of FIMS:


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the General Ledger module
2. Go to the Accounts tab and clear out all values listed in the white boxes by hitting the F8 key on the keyboard
3. Select the Year and Period in the drop downs on the right side for a year in which the fund codes were different than what they currently are. For example, if the fund had a Division or Fund Class that was Division C and Fund Class 99 in 2016 but those were changed in 2017 to be Division A and Fund Class 90.
4. In the fund space enter in the Fund ID, for example, OPER for the general operating fund and then click the button on the right side with the down arrow directly to the right of the last white box or hit the TAB key on the keyboard
5. Note that all of the accounts for the year for that fund will appear
6. Now enter in the account number in the Account white space and note that the data grid will now display different accounts other than for the fund searching on.
7. Now clear out the results and search on the current year and note that when entering in the Fund ID and account number that the search result line will highlight the correct account.



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