Blackbaud Merchant Services is based in Eastern Standard Time, which is the time zone that will show on the disbursement report. In Altru the transaction date for your payment will show on the record and Total Revenue and Payments report the time in the time zone that you have set in your Altru database. If a transaction was processed late in the evening in your time zone, it could fall under the following day in Eastern Standard Time for your disbursement report. 

For example: A transaction made on 7/19 10:00 PM Pacific Time would show with that date and time on your Altru transaction record and the Total Revenue and Payments report. However, BBMS would have the transaction listed as 7/20 1:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, which would be the date on your disbursement report.


If you enter payments through an Enhanced Revenue Batch, the transaction date should show in Altru as the date you entered the payment into the batch, and not the date that you actually commit the batch. BBMS will see the transaction on the date that the batch payment is committed, which is what will be on your disbursement report. 

For example: You enter a payment into an Enhanced Revenue Batch on 3/14, but don't commit the batch until 3/15. The Altru record and Total Revenue and Payments report will list that transaction on 3/14, while the BBMS disbursement will have it listed under the commit date of 3/15.