There are a few ways you could potentially locate this order in Altru: 
  1. First, if the order was tied to a constituent record, you could try to find the order on their record. 
    1. From Constituents, click Constituent Search
    2. Go to the Sales Order Tab on the Record 
    3. Click the hyperlinked Order Number of the correct order you need to refund. 
  2. If you know the date range of the order and what items were purchased, you may be able to run the Total Revenue and Payments Report to find the order. 
    1. From Revenue, click Total Revenue and Payments to access the Total Revenue and Payments Report.
    2. In the Date field, find the date or date range you are looking for. 
    3. If you know what sales method (Online, Daily Sales, or Advance Sales), the order was processed, you can also check these boxes to only see those transactions. 
    4. Click View Report. 
    5. When the report runs, find the item that was purchased on the order and scroll through until you find the Order Number. 
  3. If the Order was paid via credit card, you can also run a query to lookup the payment by credit card number: Can I look up a transaction by credit card number?