Error: "Unable to launch your application. Contact your help desk with the following information. Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server. Network issues are preventing your connection”

After logging into HostNet and clicking on the FIMS icon to launch it, the error occurs.
1. Make sure that the most recent version of the Citrix Receiver is installed on all workstations. You can go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features to see what version of Citrix is currently installed to make sure the newest version is installed on the workstation.

Here is a link to install the Citrix Receiver:

2. Make sure that the correct URL for HostNet is being used to access FIMS, the correct URL is the following:

3. Add the HostNet URL to Trust Sites in Internet Explorer by going to Internet Options\Security\Trusted Sites\Sites-add URL to the Trusted Sites zone.

4. Try another browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

5. Clear cache and cookies from the browser that is being used, close and re-open and log into HostNet again.




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