After SchoolDoc has been installed, you can follow the steps below to set up a Resource Board tile. This will allow parents to SSO into SchoolDoc.

For the initial setup of the integration:

  1. Make sure there is a new user with the School Doc Manager role

  2. Impersonate that user and navigate to Core > Settings > Integration Settings > SchoolDoc

  3. Click Edit

  4. Check the Enable SSO box

  5. Check the Participating Roles you want to enable

  6. Copy the Secret key and give it to your SchoolDoc representative who you're working with.
    User-added image

  7. Save your settings

Setting up the Resource Board Link

  1. Get the six-digit ID for your SchoolDoc account from your SchoolDoc support representative

  2. As a Platform Manager or Content Editor, navigate to Core > Content > Additional Content Types > Links
    (This can also be reached via School Website > Content > Additional Content Types > Links)

  3. Click Add New Category

  4. Name it SchoolDoc

  5. Click Save & Add Link

  6. Fill out the Title with SchoolDoc SSO

  7. In the URL field, paste the following URL and replace XXXXXX with the ID you got in the first step
    User-added image

  8. Save

Setting up the Resource Board Tile

  1. As a Platform Manager, navigate to Core > Content > Resource Boards

  2. Next to View Boards, choose the appropriate role, in this case, Parent

  3. Click Add Post

  4. Fill out Title, Description, and add a Cover Photo

  5. Under Post Cover Goes to, choose Direct Link 

  6. Click Select Category and find the SchoolDoc category you made

  7. Click Select Link and choose SchoolDoc SSO

  8. Save your settings

Note: You cannot SSO while impersonating another user. Your user must have the Parent role and have a corresponding account with SchoolDoc.