Error: "You cannot enter a date range that spans fiscal years" when Printing Checks

When using the Print Checks process in Account Payable under the Open Items\Processes tab the error occurs.
This can occur if the dates on the individual open items are in different fiscal periods from each other. To get rid of the error and print the checks, you can print the individually by right-clicking the open item and clicking print check. If you have a some items with dates in the same fiscal year and they are sequential in number then you can use the Print Checks process to print all of them together by selecting the From and Through values for the open items in the Print Checks window so that the utility will only print the items in question so in that way you can print together those items that are in the same fiscal year.

If however, the open items have dates that are in the same fiscal year but are not in sequential numerical order for the invoice number, then you will need to print each check individually.



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