This message means the selected payment plan is within 20 days of first invoice date. The payment plan in question will need an expiration date added to the contract that uses the plan, in Enrollment Management, so it no longer shows as an option. Additionally, you may want to add a new, similar payment plan with a due date farther in the future. New payment plan(s) will need to be created in Smart Tuition by an implementation specialist. Once the payment plan exists, you will also want to configure the option regarding Tuition Insurance for each payment plan, as detailed here: How do I make Tuition Insurance Required?
Note: To request new payment plan(s) be created, please either submit a web case with details of the new payment plan(s), or contact Blackbaud Support and they will forward the request to an Implementation Specialist.
Once this is done, you can expire the existing payment plan, and toggle the new payment plan on the contract(s) by the following means:
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Contracts > Manage contract forms
  2. Click the Edit button for the Contract you need to change
  3. Go to the tab that contains the Payment Plans block
  4. Click on the Select button
  5. Add an expiration date to any old payment plans
  6. Check off the new payment plans
  7. Click on the Apply button
  8. If any new payment plans need an expiration date as well, it is necessary to click the Select button on the Payment Plans block once more, enter the dates, and click Apply
When these steps are completed, you can then delete and reissue the contract. Then, the parent will be able to complete the Smart Tuition Contract without receiving an error.