I’d like to add a URL link on the attachments page so the user can reference a template document. How can I do this?

I’m creating a new application in IGAM. I’d like to add a URL link on the attachments page so the applicants can reference a template document when before creating the necessary attachment. Is this possible? I know there is a “links” tab in IGAM but it doesn’t seem as though you can add one.

There are two options you can use.  The links tab can be used but the link will be at the top of the application (not just on the attachments page):

On the links tab and under the links section, you can use the Help URL, Documents URL, or Exit URL links. These links do not appear on any forms or IGAM pages until a URL link is added to the Link To field.  To activate one of these links simply double click it, enter a web/email address for the link, and change the label of the link to whatever is appropriate.  Once configured they will appear at the top of the application.


You could type the link on the Attachments type and it would not be clickable but the user could copy and paste the link into a browser page/tab to go to it.



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