Error: CRC for Profile does not match CRC in gui\eadvisor\dcrts.p. Try recompiling. (1896) - when trying FIMS CRM sync

When running the FIMS-CRM sync from the FIMS menu item or scheduled task, you get the following error:
User-added image
To resolve this error, complete the following tasks:
  1. Unblock the following files
    1. On the FIMS server, navigate to the following folder - c:\npo\found\assemblies (note the drive letter may be different for you).
    2. Right click on each file in this directory and select Properties from the menu.
    3. On this Properties window at the bottom it may say the file is blocked because it is from an external source.  Click on the Unblock button and click ok.  Again do this for every file in the folder.
    4. Do these same two steps for all the files within this folder as well - c:\npo\found\fims\assemblies (note the drive letter may be different for you).
  2. Log into FIMS
  3. Run the following from the FIMS menu - Tools > System Utilities > FIMS CRM > Compile FIMS CRM for Progress 11.
  4. Now try the sync again and the error should not appear.



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