1. Create your query to pull the households you want to reflect in the export and be sure to save the query as a Selection.
  2. Create and process Smart Field using steps #1 and #2 here. Create a Smart Field for each fiscal year you want a column for in your export. Additionally, if you want a column for total giving, create a final Smart Field for this as well.
  3. Navigate to Administration>Export Definition and create the Export Definition to include all of the fields we want in each column of our final export. For example: first/last name, address, city, state, zip and email address. Next, include the Smart Fields we created above.
  4. Finally we will create our export process: Navigate to Administration>Export, click Add, change Export type to Export Definition and add our Export Definition and Selection we created above.
  5. Once export is saved, we can process export to view the final results.

Note: Your query source view and export definition source view must be the same.