Submit an eTapestry eCommerce edit request.

NOTE This link applies only to customized forms and pages created by eTapestry. Customized forms/pages were created previously for a fee, and fees may apply to make the requested changes/edits. If you're unsure if a form/page was created using the standard eTapestry tools or is customized, check to see if you can edit the form/page before submitting a request:

Custom eCommerce Page or WordPress Widget:
In eTapestry, click Management > My Organization > eCommerce. If you see your page and URL at the bottom of this page, it means this page was built for your organization by Blackbaud. You can change the confirmation email settings but you cannot edit the contents or functionality of the page itself. Click the link above to submit an edit request.

Custom skins for other Online Presence modules:
Blackbaud also designs custom skins for some of our modules. These will help the pages appear more integrated into your website and themes but the functionality of the pages are the same. In eTapestry, click Management and under Online Presence you will see the following options (varies based on your subscription):
  • DIY forms: You can make some edits to a DIY form when you have a custom skin. If you would like to change something in the background that is not accessible through the editor, it may be because you have a custom skin. Contact support if you are unsure.
  • eStore (Cart): Under Edit Cart Preferences > Cart Template if Custom is selected that is a good sign that there is a custom skin on the Cart.
  • Fundraiser: Under Site Options, if Custom is selected that is a good sign that there is a custom skin on your Fundraiser.