As an Admissions Manager, create an advanced list to find applicants between a specific date range with the following information: 

  • Grade apply 
  • Last name 
  • First name 
  • Current status 
  • Status date 
  • Sending School

To create this Advanced List:

1. Navigate to Core > Analysis > Manage Lists

2. Click on the Manage Basic and Advanced lists tile on the right

3. Click on the List Templates Tab

4. Set the Template Category to Admission

5. Click View/Copy across from Candidate List

6. On the Select Objects Tab:

- Add Candidate Status under the Admissions Category

- Add Sending School under the Admissions Category

- Add Candidate Application under the Admissions Category

- Un-mark all Inner join checkboxes

7. On the Display Fields Tab:

- Remove: User Role.Role, User Base.Nickname, All Address fields, User Citizenship/Residency.Ethnicity

- Click Select Fields and Add:

- Status and Status date under Candidate Status

- Sending School Name under Sending School

8. On the Filters Tab:

- Add a Global Filter for the following:

- Candidate Application.Date Submitted within custom: between 5/1/17 and 8/1/17