This is most often caused by tribute donations that are present in the report. When a tribute donation is added to eTapestry, an account is set up for the individual that is tributed on the gift, and the gift is then added to the donor's account. TheTribute account is then attached to the donation.

When this occurs, a copy of the gift is actually added to the tribute's account as well, meaning there is a donation on both the donor's account (Constituent account), and the tribute's account (Tribute account).

It is possible when running a query or report to return both copies of this gift, making it appear as though the transaction has been duplicated. To correct this, the Starting Query of the query used to run the report can be adjusted so that it only returns the transaction on the donor's account:
  1. Click Queries in the menu
  2. Click Manage Queries
  3. Click the category your query is stored under
  4. Click the name of the query to open it
  5. If your Starting Query is currently set to Base>All Accounts, change it to Base>All Constituents instead
  6. If your Starting Query is currently set to Journal Entry Date for the Category, and a query within that category to define the date range (ex: Last Week), switch the Category to Constituent Journal Entry Date instead, and then select the corresponding query in the Query drop down menu
  7. Click Save And Run Report
  8. Rerun your report

Base>All Accounts is a standard query that returns all types of accounts in the database: Constituent, User and Tribute. If your query has this set as the Starting Query, your query can return both copies of a tribute donation, since it is looking at both Constituent and Tribute accounts. Changing the Starting Query to Base>All Constituents however, ensures your query is only looking at the Constituent accounts, so each tribute donation will only be returned once.

All queries under the Journal Entry Date category (ex: Last Week, Last Month, etc...) also look at all types of accounts in the database, and will include both copies of any tribute donations. All of the queries under Constituent Journal Entry Date, however, only look at the Constituent accounts. Setting your Starting Query with any of the queries stored under Constituent Journal Entry Date will also ensure that your query only returns the tribute transaction once.

If you are running one of eTapestry's Standard Reports, the same logic applies. Running a standard report with the Base>All Accounts query, or any queries under the Journal Entry Date category, can result in tribute donations listed twice. Instead, run the standard report with either Base>All Constituents, or one of the queries under Constituent Journal Entry Date (if you need the query to define a date range).