Web Transaction Event Registration Batch Separation is not creating a new ERB for additional gifts

Users have the ability to split additional revenue from the Event Registration part into a separate Enhanced Revenue Batch from the constituent's registration fee. Users may find that when the batch separation feature is configured on a batch assignment setting that is set to "Assign by event" and "Assign by selection" that the additional revenue is being routed as a new web donation instead of being routed to the desired enhanced revenue batch.

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

1. Create a Donations Batch assignment configured in the same way as the additional donation component of the Event Registration Batch assignment.  Make sure to use a value that will isolate this specific transactions (e.g., the specific BBIS Page of the event registration)
2. Download Donations 
3. Commit batch

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to BBEC > Web > Web Transactions > Batch Assignment Settings > Event Registrations and open the desired batch assignment.
2. Verify that the batch assignment is configured to "Assign by Event" and "Assign by selection" is setup with an event selection. Also verify "Separate additional revenue into different batch" is configured with the desired ERB template and save.
3. Navigate to the BBIS Event Registration part that is mapped to the batch assignment and verify that "Allow additional donations" is setup in the part with at least one designation.
4. Process an event registration through the part with an additional gift.
5. Navigate to BBEC > Web > Web Transactions and download the Event Registration.
6. Open the resulting batch, select the row with the transaction and click "Review Transaction Details" at the top of the batch.
7. Note that the entire amount for the registration and additional gift are listed.
8. Commit the BBIS Event Registration Batch.
9. Note that the additional revenue has been reuploaded as a web donation instead of creating an enhanced revenue batch. This is causing the extra revenue to flow to the incorrect batch template.


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