The availability of the Import field extensions column depends on the Import the selected field and/or the selected import type.

For example, say you are importing a new constituent with a phone number and an email address and your data looks like this:

Mary Smith     999-999-9999

If a field is one to one, that is only one exists on the record, then the extension column is not available. In our example in a constituent import, an individual can only have one First Name and one Last Name, so extension will be "yellow" and cannot be edited. However, the individual constituent can have more than one phone number or email address, so extension would be available on the Phone Number fields to group the fields that make up each phone/email to add it. (Please refer to How to import constituent name, address, and phone numbers including multiple phone numbers and email addresses for all the steps to import new constituent information in this example. This is using Admin > Import > constituent > constituent.)

However in this same example, say we selected the Constituent Phone import instead of the Constituent import. The Constituent Phone import is designed to import a single column of phone/email data. The Extension column is not available because this selected import type does not support it. (Please refer to How to import new phone numbers/email addresses and update existing ones on constituent records for details on this specific import type. This is using Admin > Import > constituent > constituent phone.)

If you have a data set with multiple sets of data on each row, such as phones and emails, and you want to use an Import type that does not have Extensions available, try one of the following:
  • Arrange the data in a single column. Be sure to copy the appropriate fields needed for each row required by the Import, such as constituent ID or other Import IDs.
  • Keep the data as is and map each set of fields to run the import just on them. Using the phone example above, run the first import mapping just the fields to add the phone number. Then run the import a second time mapping just the fields for the email address. If a field is not mapped, then the Import will ignore it, so the same data field can be used each time.