1. Go to Academics > Attendance > Attendance Setup
  2. Select Record Method
  3. Click Edit for the desired school level
  4. Mark the box labeled, 'Allow teachers to edit attendance entries during the day'
  5. Select the radio button corresponding to the type of access you want to give teachers:
  • For any student - allows teachers to edit any reasons that have been recorded (even by the Attendance Manager)
  • Only for students with faculty approved reasons - allows teachers to edit only those absences with an excuse type accessible by Faculty
NOTE: Absences can only be edited the same day they occur. For example, if the absence is on Monday, it can only be modified by the teacher within that school day.
NOTE: Attendance must first be recorded for each and every student in a section before teachers can make modifications to absences other than Absent - Unexcused in that section.