Desktop Excel journal entry add in for FE NXT is not refreshing when login is successful in browser

When setting up the journal entry add in for the first time in the desktop version of Excel 2016, the login may be successful or fail, but the add-in in Excel may not respond/change from the initial "sign in" message. 

This was occurring due to a recent change to the Excel add-in environment (likely resulting from a recent Office update). 

As of 9/6/17, a fix has been implemented in FE NXT. If you are still experiencing this, click Chat with Support and reference this article.

Steps to Duplicate

In Desktop Excel 2016:
1. Click the FE Journal Entry Add-In from the Ribbon
2. New window opens within spreadsheet > Click Sign in
3. Authorize prompt comes up in browser
4. Window changes to say "Login succeeded (or failed). If this window does not redirect, you may close it"
5. Nothing happens or changes in the initial login window in Excel



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