How do we copy our Live database to our Demo database (for users that are not Hostnet)?

You many want to try something out in Test and Learn or the Demo database but it isn't up to date.  How do you get a more recent copy of our Live database copied into the test environment?  This process may also fix an issue where you are unable to access/login to the demo database.
You can copy the active or live database to the test and learn or demo database by using the follwoing FIMS utility. First, make sure no one is working in your Demo database, then follow the steps below: 
  1. Log into the FIMS server
  2. On the desktop, double click on the shortcut named "Copy Live to Demo"
  3. It may wait for a response to "Please confirm by entering y and Return:"  This is asking to make sure you want to override the existing demo database files (necessary to update it).  
  4. Type y and hit return key.
  5. The window will automatically close when finished.



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